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Frequently Asked Questions

Jiva AyurBaby is a unique preconception program. Here are some of the most common questions couples ask about the program.

1. Is this program right for me?

Jiva AyurBaby is designed to be suitable for all couples. The strength of the program is in its personalization. There are a few criteria, meeting which will give you best benefit from the program. Our health coach will ask you a few basic questions and advice you on the best course of action. Read more here.

2. How can I enrol for the program?

Enrolling is quick and easy. Call us at (0129) 4040404 and we will guide you on the enrolment process. Jiva AyurBaby program has no location constraints, so anyone can enrol for the program.

3. Can individuals benefit from the program?

Jiva AyurBaby works best for couples. We recommend you to enrol for the program along with your spouse. Under certain special circumstances Jiva AyurBaby can be personalized depending on the nature of the requirement. Please contact us to know more about it.

4. I had multiple miscarriages/abortions, can I benefit from Jiva AyurBaby?

In most cases past complications do not impact the outcome of Jiva AyurBaby. Our doctor will prepare the medicines based on your current as well as past reproductive and general health history. Please get in touch with a health coach for personal consultation regarding your concerns.

5. How long does the program take to complete?

Jiva AyurBaby is a three-month long program. The program has been divided in six steps. Know more about the timeline of Jiva AyurBaby here.

6. How is the program delivered?

The program has been designed to be applicable for couples all over the world. Your Health Coach will consult you over the telephone and medicines will be dispatched to your home address via courier or India Post.

7. I have other health complications; can I benefit from this program?

This program has been designed to benefit all couples irrespective of past medical history or existing medical conditions, unless it directly counters the effect of our medicines and treatment. To know more, please get in touch with Jiva Doctor.

8. Are there any guarantees in this program?

Jiva AyurBaby does not offer any guarantees. The benefits of this program is mentioned in Ayurveda and has benefitted couples for centuries. Please note, this is not a fertility treatment program. Jiva AyurBaby prepares the reproductive system of the couple.

9. This is my second/third pregnancy; can I benefit from the program?

Jiva AyurBaby is beneficial for all couples. Irrespective of whether you are planning for your first or a subsequent child, the program will prepare you by enhancing your fertility and improving your overall reproductive health.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please get in touch with our Doctors at 0129-4040404 and get expert advice.