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Prepare to be parents, Naturally.

Few things in life can compare to the joys and rewards of parenthood. Prepare for this big milestone in your life with Jiva AyurBaby.

Planned pregnancy

Problems of infertility, birth complications, congenital imperfections, learning problems, behavioural issues and addiction can be traced back to factors associated with the parents. Many experts attribute this to unplanned pregnancies. A successful progeny with qualities such as wisdom, courage, strong instincts and high intelligence may not happen without the right “Manasa” (psyche/will) of parent.

Wisdom of Vedas

Ayurveda advises a specific course of action for the formation of a healthy baby in the mother’s womb and ensures a natural delivery that is completely free of complications. For thousands of years this has been followed in India and different sections in Ayurvedic scriptures deal elaborately on this topic. Charaka and Sushruta Samhitas contain the wisdom of Vedas under the subject of “Garbhini Vyakarana”.

Unique program

The program is based on 5000-year-old venerable knowledge of the Vedas and the latest researches and findings from "Birth Science" to bring together for you the best of wisdom and research in an easy-to-follow manner. From its authenticity, to the structured approach, to the level of care, attention and personalisation, Jiva AyurBaby is a special program for couples planning to have a child.

In Ayurveda, the process of procreation is compared to the germination of a seed (Beeja) and its transformation into a sapling. Ayurveda gives great significance to the quality of the seed. When the male and female seeds unite and divine soul (Atman) enters the union, an embryo (Garbha) is created. In addition to the female seed, the mother also provides the soil (Kshetra), nutrition and the right season (Ritu) for the seed to grow. Hence, Ayurveda prescribes specific nutritional and spiritual measures for strengthening and rejuvenating the life bearing seeds in parents.

What Happy Couple Say About Jiva AyurBaby

Spreading smiles with Ayurveda

I am lucky that I found Jiva AyurBaby through a friend. Being a working mom of one child, I was ready for my second child, but I wanted to make sure that the stress of my professional life wasn’t going to affect my second pregnancy. This program truly gave me the confidence and mental calmness I needed.

Dinesh and Sheetal 36 yrs, Haridwar

All I can say is that if you had an abortion before and want a smooth pregnancy now, this program is all you need to restore the vitality of your reproductive system. The program is very simple to follow, I undertook the program and continued with my current lifestyle, except for very small changes, which were nothing compared to the joys of motherhood.

Divya and Sumit 28 yrs, Punjab

"An uncomplicated, natural and easy child birth” – that summarizes my overall experience after Jiva AyurBaby. A happy childbirth takes more than just the act of procreation. The personalized guidance and support you get is extremely helpful. On top of that, the convenience of getting everything sent to my home made things very easy for me.

Chandra and Vinita 34 yrs, Mumbai

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