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How Jiva AyurBaby Works

There are 3 stages in the Jiva AyurBaby program
and it spans a duration of 3 months.

Stage 1

Cleanse (Shodhana)

The first stage cleanses you and your spouse by following a holistic combination of Vamana and Virechana. Cleansing of the gut and whole body is done to remove impurities in the uterus and genitourinary tract of the couple. You can undergo the detoxification process from the comfort of your home. See steps in this stage below.

duration: 1 week

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
Stage 2

Strengthen (Poshana)

The second stage marks the beginning of a personalized approach. Our doctor will prepare a diet chart for you and your spouse and prescribe Ayurvedic medicines to boost fertility along with Yoga for a thorough augmentation of your physical and mental health. This will be complimented with Mantras to enrich you spiritually. See steps in this stage below.


  • STEP 4
    Personalized Medicines
    and Counselling
Stage 3

Rejuvenate (Rasayana)

The third stage recalibrates your body and mind for the process of conception with a combination of medicines, diet, mantras and yoga asanas to re-establishing the health of reproductive tissues and preparing them for the union of masculine and feminine energies. Our doctor will prescribe a personalized regimen for you. See steps in this stage below.

duration: 6 weeks

  • STEP 5
    Personalized Medicines
    and Counselling
  • STEP 6

Before the program commences, our Health Coach will compile a case history and then counsel you on what you can expect by the end of the program and what steps will be taken throughout the program. The pre-session counselling will take you on a step-by-step journey that you will experience in the next 3 months. During this, our doctor will connect with you at a personal level to understand your expectations from the process of pregnancy and evaluate how the program can be made perfectly right for you.

The program can be personalized for every couple based on their
health profile. To get started, follow these simple steps


Health History Check

Your health coach will conduct a history
check to evaluate your health


Plan with Doctor

Jiva Doctor will plan the program for you
based on your health profile


Complete Follow Through

Follow-through all 3 stages of the
program for complete benefit

At every stage of Jiva AyurBaby, our Health Coach will stay in touch with you to explain
your progress and help you take the right steps for optimum benefits by the time you
have completed the program.

To know more, talk to our Health Coach today at