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Is Jiva AyurBaby for You?

Jiva AyurBaby is a program for couples who wish to conceive a healthy baby. Healthy, not only in terms of weight and physical features, but also a sound mind, and a pure soul. Ayurveda describes a step-by-step program for both parents to ensure a ‘Ayurvedically’ healthy baby.

Jiva ayurbaby healthy baby

Jiva AyurBaby is an ayurvedic preconception program that is aimed at the vast majority of couples, including you.

had aborstion or miscarriages
Had Abortions or Miscarriages?

Perhaps you had to make the tough decision of undergoing an abortion and now you are prepared to conceive. If you had abortions or other challenges in the past, Jiva AyurBaby can still be for you.

 Jiva ayurbaby
First, Second or Third Child?

The aim of Jiva AyurBaby is to prepare a beautiful, nourishing and comforting nesting ground for a new life to form. Irrespective of whether it is your first, second or third baby, the program will benefit you.

Reproductive health concerns
Reproductive Health Concerns?

Couples with minor health concerns are also eligible and may opt for the program, or call us to discuss if they qualify. Get a free pre-consultation with our Health Coach by calling 0129-4040404.

tailroad to your lifestyle>
              <h5>Tailored to Your Lifestyle </h5>
         <p>We understand that every couple has a unique lifestyle. Based on your health status and detailed consultation, our doctor will take an approach that is tailored to suit your lifestyle and benefit you the most. </p>
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Jiva AyurBaby is beneficial for couples irrespective of dietary or lifestyle choices. In most cases, birth complications in the past or instances of abortion or miscarriage does not impact the benefits of Jiva AyurBaby.

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